Emergency & General Contact Details

Out of Hours: 0300 123 0762 (18:00 to 18:30) or 111 (18:30 - 08:00)

Surgery: 01904 608224 (8am to 6pm)

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Monday - Wednesday 08:00 - 18:30

Thursday - 08:00 - 20:00

 Friday  08:00 - 18:30

Saturday 08:00 - 10:00

Sunday  Closed


Due to health and safety reasons our Wheldrake branch remains closed at this time.  Prescriptions can be collected on a Friday between 2-4pm from the cottage in the grounds of Wheldrake church.

Our Elvington surgery can be contacted as normal on 01904 608224. 

Out of Hours: 0300 123 0762 (18:00 to 18:30)
or 111 (18:30 - 08:00)
Surgery: 01904 608224 (8am to 6pm)

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Patient Information

Patient Information

At Elvington Medical Practice we aim to provide a comprehensive health care service to ensure our patients are kept in the best of health. In order to be able to see everyone who needs a doctor we want to help our patients manage their own health in the most effective way, and thereby recover as quickly as possible. There are many things that patients come to us for which might be better dealt with by a pharmacist, hospital, or even at home by yourself.

We're sure you will have read or heard in the news about the overprescribing of antibiotics, the increased workload of GPs, and the tightening budgets of the NHS. We are keen to do our bit to combat these problems, but need our patients to help us.

We would like our website to be used as a resource for information on how to deal with common problems and illnesses. We will be able to recommend where to go for the most effective treatment to help you recover quickly, and also hopefully make more appointments available to those who really need one.

We are already being proactive in offering annual health reviews to patients with long-term conditions, and are working with local groups to develop local support networks for groups such as new mums and carers.

Please look around our site, and hopefully it will be able to answer many of your questions about your health. We are keen to know your thoughts so please get in touch.

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